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The responsibilities of an Occupational Health Doctor include:

  1. Conducting pre-employment and periodic medical examinations of employees to ensure they meet the required health standards for their job.
  2. Providing advice and recommendations to employers on how to minimize health and safety risks in the workplace.
  3. Assessing and managing workplace injuries, illnesses, and other medical conditions that may affect the health and safety of employees.
  4. Developing and implementing health and safety programs that promote healthy behaviors and prevent diseases among employees.
  5. Conducting research on occupational health and safety issues, and keeping up-to-date with the latest medical research and techniques.
  6. Providing training and education to employees on topics related to occupational health and safety, including ergonomic practices, lifting techniques, and proper use of personal protective equipment.
  7. Collaborating with other healthcare professionals, such as occupational therapists, nurses, and safety engineers, to provide comprehensive care to employees.
  8. Providing counseling to employees who are experiencing work-related stress, mental health issues, or other personal problems that may affect their performance at work.
  9. Ensuring that employers comply with all relevant occupational health and safety regulations, laws, and guidelines.
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Khea Clement-Marshall

Occupational Health Physician || BSc | MBBS | DOccMed (UK) | AdvDipOccMed (UK) | OGUK || Medical Director of Mayfield

Dr Khea Clement-Marshal is a highly qualified and experienced Occupational Health Physician based in Trinidad and Tobago. She holds a BSc and MBBS, as well as DOccMed and AdvDipOccMed qualifications from the UK. Dr Clement-Marshal has extensive experience providing occupational health assessments, consultancy services, and innovative solutions to companies interested in ensuring their employees are healthy, safe, and productive. Her expertise includes policy-writing, case management, fitness assessments for job-specific duties, pre-employment medicals, workers compensations, sickness-absence assessments, and workplace accident/incident assessments. Dr Clement-Marshal also holds additional specialist qualifications (OGUK) to ensure the health and wellness of offshore workers. She is committed to ensuring the well-being of her patients and providing personalized, effective solutions to meet their unique needs.


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