Meet our Cardiologists

At Allied Family Care we provide world-class cardiology care with our colleagues from Caribbean Heart Care.

"Caring for Caribbean Hearts"


What we provide ?

Patients throughout the Caribbean are provided with and have access to all of our services.

At Allied Family Care, we provide a fully Diagnostic Heart Clinic.

Our Non-Invasive services include :

ELECTROCARDIOGRAM (ECG) –A measure of electrical heart activity to detect problems such as blood supply/irregular rhythms.

ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY –An ultrasound of the heart to examine the heart and valve structure and functions.

TRANSESOPHAGEAL ECHOCARDIOGRAM –A procedure to perform ultrasound of the heart via a probe through the mouth.

AMBULATORY BLOOD PRESSURE TESTING –A test to continuously measure blood pressure over 24 hours.

HOLTER MONITORING –A test to continuously monitor and record ECG over 24 hours.

EXERCISE STRESS TEST AND PHARMACOLOGICAL STRESS ECHO-An Exercise Stress Test is a treadmill test during which an ECG and an ECHO are performed to diagnose coronary blocked arteries.


Why trust us ?

Here are some reasons why you can trust us to take the best care of your heart:

  • Strict UK-based standards as we are the first and only Internationally Accredited cardiac care institution in the -country.


  • The first and only 24-hour heart attack unit. ( At St. Clair Medical Centre)


  • 0% mortality rate in open heart surgery in 2012

Our Team

Our Staff is a committed, local and international team of specialists, surgeons, doctors, nurses and technicians. This highly trained multi-disciplined team of experts adhere to strict UK standards of practice.